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Professional Liability 

More and more, the US has become a service economy and less of a manufacturing economy. That means that we are providing more services rather than products. Some of those services are in the form of advice, and as such, wrong advice can cause harm to those we advise.

So, who might be providers of advice? Certainly, those in the insurance business. Add to those the ones in the legal profession. Include other advisory professions such as accountants, architects, consultants, lenders, realtors, auto insurance agents, certain programmers, cyber technologists, and more. The list is very long. Don’t forget the medical and dental professions, although their wrongly provided service is called “malpractice,” as opposed to just advice.

Categories of harm caused by incorrect service

There are two rough categories of harm that can be caused by incorrect service; financial and physical. For example, a financial advisor may cause financial harm by his error or his omission. Financial compensation might be sought from such a case. On the other hand, if an architect does a poor job in design, his design may result in the collapse of a building, and harm to individuals and property (other than the property he designed.) A doctor might cause disease or loss of a limb due to an omission. Both of these examples could also result in financial loss.

Does general liability coverage cover such exposure?

General liability, after all, does protect the insured in case he is sued for bodily injury or property damage to a third party. General liability is not designed to cover poor advice or service, and so exclusions are specifically named such that the coverage does not go so far as providing protection against those and other exposures specifically covered by professional Liability. Let’s look at how car insurance might offer a remedy:

Professional Liability coverage

What we now call “Professional Liability” coverage was once called E and O, which stands for Errors and Omissions. Stating the obvious, an insured could make an error in judgment and cause loss, or they might overlook a point that later becomes an issue.

The term “Professional Liability” is broader than just E&O, however. Over the years, such coverage as negligence, misrepresentation, violation of good faith and fair dealing, and inaccurate advice has been added to the basic E&O definition of coverage.

How a loss might occur?

For example, if a Trust attorney does not have experience on the possible outcomes of a particular type of wording, and she neglects to provide a clarification in a trust that she writes, the property might not be properly protected, heirs may suffer losses to their inheritances, or the state may have to arbitrate an outcome; that process being lengthy and expensive to the heirs.

In addition, certain occupations have a component of physical loss exposure in addition to financial loss exposure. Architects for sure have that, as do Doctors. Certain consultants also have that. One of my client’s programs control computers for assembly robots and gantry cranes. If he programs one incorrectly and it drops a load onto someone or something, there would be both physical and financial damage. He has a type of professional liability program called Architects and Engineers coverage, which would cover both types of damage.

That consultant also has general liability coverage just in case he is on a client location and creates a physical hazard resulting in injury or financial loss, but not related to his programming. It is, in fact, General liability coverage.

Some things to note

  1. As a side note, not even citizens insurance company will allow willful acts to be covered, so general and professional liability policies exclude willful or criminal acts. If it is shown, for example, that the outcome of action was known before the service was provided, that could be a fraud. Fraud is criminal, and criminal acts are never covered by insurance contracts.
  2. As another side note, sometimes the lines become blurred when speaking of prior knowledge. These often become decided in court as both sides argue whether or not there was prior knowledge. In fact, the exact time of loss, including prior knowledge leads us into the next aspect of Professional Liability coverage, and that is the coverage form.

What should one look for in a professional liability policy? 

There is a clause called “duty to defend.” If that clause is not there, then you may be on your own in defense of your position and only be reimbursed after a lengthy trial. Costly, to say the least.

There may be a window within which a claim must be filed; often 60 days from the time of notification of the event as an example. If the notification to the insurance company falls outside of that, the company may not have a “duty to defend.”

Since these policies are almost always written on a “claims made” basis, there must be prior acts coverage, otherwise, anything that happened prior to the effective date of this year’s policy may not be covered—even if that policy is a continuation of the last year’s policy. And don’t let that policy lapse, or the prior acts coverage restarts with this year’s effective date. Not a good scenario.

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Tips to Find Car Dealership That Are Right For You

Looking for tips to find a Car Dealership is one of the most basic ways to buy a new car. For many people, it is also the most expensive way. There are different methods that you can use to save money on new cars and some may work better than others. Here are some tips to find a Car Dealership for new cars:

One of the best tips to find new cars for sale is to be realistic about your needs. You do not want to pay for something that is way over your budget or something that you will never use. This means looking at Bay Area Cadillac special offers and comparing these with the price of similar new cars on sale in your area. The worst thing that you can do is purchase a car based on looks alone and ignore all other factors.

Another of the tips to find new cars for sale is to research the different makes and models. You should visit at least three dealerships that offer the vehicle that you are interested in. Taking the time to visit each dealership and looking at the new cars on display can help you narrow down your options. You can then narrow down your selection by seeing if they have any models that are close to the one that you are looking for.

One important tip is to avoid buying from new car dealerships that are not certified, dealers. These are the same dealerships that sell vehicles that cannot be fixed at the factory and are sold as if they are brand new. Be sure to check for this out when you are looking at the vehicles on sale. You will end up saving more money and avoiding purchasing a vehicle that will end up costing you more in the long run.

If possible, it is always a good idea to drive the new cars on sale to see how they operate. This can help you avoid buying vehicles that may break down on you soon after you purchase them. Some of these vehicles may come with warranties, but they will not be for repair value. This is why visiting a dealership and driving a vehicle is a better option.

Car Dealership tips can help you make the best choice when purchasing a vehicle. When you are shopping for a new car, you want to find one that has all of the features, options, and security features that you desire. However, you also need to find a vehicle that is reasonably priced. You will be able to find a new or used car dealership that will fit your needs and can help you save money.

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Things to consider for your long riding trips         

Are you planning to go touring for a day or a weekend? How to have a vacation on your motorcycle? It is the most common thing for all the bikers that they think about getting a long-distance ride with their friends or families. They are willing to ride free on the road along with the beautiful stretches. Long-distance motorcycle travellers can expect to make the more challenges for every riding to get the memorable journey and a tiresome haul. Expert riders can choose the maestro active vehicles for the better and safe rides.

The motorcycle itself

The touring motorcycles are forming a specific category while comparing to the other motorcycles. It has several properties for making a huge cover to provide stretches of interstates that are loaded with the luggage and a passenger. For these bases, the bikes under 200cc will offer the comfort of all the ways. Those bikes are manufactured with the special properties of being heavy in weight will help to carry the extra weight of luggage, heavy in performance which helps to ride easily for 200km in an hour with all passengers and luggage, a lounge stair for a saddle helps to get a fair and comfort of riding experience.

Cover up

The helmet is the most important thing for riding. It protects you from an unwanted incident to make a leisure ride to the local waffle stop around your favorite lake. A full face motorcycle helmet which helps to protect your head, eyes, and face completely from pelting rain, flying road debris, and keeping your head from warm in the cold. It helps to protect your head and face from getting sunburned and wind-chapped.

Reduce noise

It is probably to create your own way to exhaust rumbles as your motor moves down on the road. While you getting a hundred miles off with the thundering exhaust will leave a ringing in your ears. Sometimes it can affect your hearing sounds. So for this case, the better way is to use the earplugs for your long ridings. It provides a great job of protecting your ears from the harsh winds. These plugs are made with the foam material that helps to protect your ears from the rush noise of wind turbulence.

Stretch breaks regularly

Sitting in the same position for a mile of distance will improve the stress in your body. In that condition, you must stretch your legs around the different positions that help to keep your feet from going numb, reduce cramping and keep the blood circulating methods so on. A motorcycle has floorboards; you can simply be sliding your feet from the backboards it helps to offer the mild relief. Stretching your body will help to relax for your long rides.

The bottom line

Long rides with the uncountable kilometers with your friends or colleagues will make the perfect memories for your life. Before starting your trip make sure that you take all the beneficiary things that suits for your rides.

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Used Car

What Car To Pick From The Henrietta Dealerships?

Once you decide to buy a used car, you’ll start exploring your options. Depending on how much money you have in your pocket, the options might be limitless or limited to a certain level.

Henrietta’s dealerships offer a wide range of vehicle brands and models. All of them have their pros and cons. In this article, we’re going to talk about a few of those who are the most commonly sold. Follow up if you want to learn more about this and what models are sold most of the time.

Honda Accord

One of the most commonly sold cars is the Honda Accord. The Japanese brand is known as a very competitive and economical compared to American rivals. This is a relatively smaller car than what Americans are used to drive but it’s excellent for getting around town.

If you need something that will be affordable and valuable at the same time, this can be an excellent choice.

Hyundai Veloster

This Korean vehicle is one of the top-selling Korean products in the States. It’s a great used car and it is shown as one of the most reliable cars in the US. Whole car parks are selling only these cars because people simply love them. Visit this site for more info on what you need to mind when buying this kind of transportation machine.

Toyota Prius

The Prius is a loved car in the States. This hybrid is extremely economical and it’s an ideal machine for driving in city limits. It is also on top of the list when it comes to the time needed for someone to buy it when a person puts out on the market. This is the second brand originated in Japan but it’s widely used in the Americas.

Volkswagen Golf

This small and compact car is one of the best selling cars in the world. There are 35 million pieces of them sold around the world which makes this car one of the greatest. It’s an excellently built machine that is easy to maintain and very reliable. There’s a saying that parts for it can be found even in the supermarkets, so you won’t go wrong if you get something like this.

Tesla Model S

As a home representative, we have Tesla Model S. It was first introduced in 2012 so we can say this is a pretty new choice for American customers in this industry. What’s really cool about it is that it’s completely electric which means you’ll have no expenses for parts maintenance. Spending money on expensive petrol is also something that’s not needed, and that is one of the reasons why people love Tesla cars in the first place.

Chevrolet Volt

Another American product this time from GM. The Volt is also a hybrid that is able to drive without spending gasoline. It is great for the environment and it’s proven to be reliable. After all, it’s an American brand which means that it is built following certain quality standards that make American cars have a special value on the market. This stands for both new and used vehicles.

How to pick the best one?

Some things are the same for everyone. You have to follow some rules if you want to pick the best one.

  1. Check for damages – make sure the car has never been in an accident. If it was, look for another one because you’ll never know how many problems you’ll experience because of this.
  2. Test drive it – never buy anything until you see how it feels while you’re driving it. This way you’ll experience problems, but also see how it feels. See here the importance of test-driving:
  3. Bargain – when it comes to used cars, there’s no fixed price. Depending on many details and issues, the car’s price can be lowered for as much as 30%.


This information should be enough for you to realize what is going on in the market. Check out what is offered and understand what is it that you like the most. After this, it should be pretty easy to make a decision.

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